Professional Web Design in Costa Rica

misChunches®, outsourcing web design services in Costa Rica

Experience in web design in Costa Rica


Since 2001 we have implemented the latest and greatest on web design techniques. Our sites are designed with the end user in mind.

Efficiency in web design in Costa Rica


We have introduced practices that help us to be very efficient in our work. This efficiency is the main reason for our low operating costs.

Advice on the development of websites


We take you step by step from the conceptualization of the website until its launch, providing our experience in what can work and what does not.

Web Design Services

Practical and functional

We take care of the appearance of your website, with simple and highly effective content. We work carefully on the usability of the website. And we make it search engine friendly (SEO).

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Responsive Web Design

Fits different screen sizes!

Our websites are designed to adapt to the size of the screen: from a smart cell phone, a tablet or a computer.

Responsive Web Design

Fair and reasonable prices

Very reasonable!

We offer websites with a great appearance and functionality starting at US $75 per year! Our design processes are highly efficient, which result in a low operational cost that in turn is reflected in a very significant savings for our customers.

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Website design at reasonable prices